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Welcome to OBROS Luxury

OBROS Luxury forges ahead to create exclusive jewellery pieces meant for both men and  women of today. Each pieces is delicately designed and meticulously crafted representing womanhood and their successful achievements.

The company empathizes art on your body, that is not only meant to pair with beautiful you, but also to compliment the discerning allure of each and every woman. We believe that beauty is not subjective but eternally expressive. Our jewels are the gentlemen on your arm that protects, loves and shines on you.

We have taken a step further into beaded bracelets for everyone. In the fashion world today, jewellery is not only meant for women. Using various gemstones to create stunning bracelets that sits comfortably on your wrist. The gems are bind together with strong elastic cords for comfort wear.

Formed by a collective team of artists from various walks of life, OBROS Luxury has both experiences of life and Haute Couture all infused together with 1 single objective.

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